Art Changes You

We create & share illustrations for a cause.

Art has no boundary. It is the language of the soul. Art has the ability to create a climate of sensitivity in which it is possible for change to happen. Humans are wired to appreciate art and find inspiration through it. At ArtsPositive, we recognise and celebrate the potential of art, particularly illustrations. Our illustrations-based projects and campaigns challenge stereotypes and inspire people. This inspiration leads them to take ownership of their lives and gives them the strength to fight odds. Our stand is positive since the world needs to hear more positive stories to bring down the negative bias.

We are a creative agency, with a team of writers and illustrators, who work independently as well as collaborate with organisations to create art-for-change content and campaigns. One of our latest work is More Than Skin Deep, an illustrated poetry series to advocate against acid attacks.

Our Projects

My Father illustrations

It is an ongoing campaign to promote girl child rights by amplifying the voices of fathers who fearlessly fight to protect the rights of their daughters.

Draw For A Cause

This is a platform to showcase illustrators who draw for a cause.

ArtsPositive Magazine

This is a digital magazine quarterly published to feature art-for-change stories from around the world and spark meaningful conversations. To subscribe, click here!

Find Your Creative Voice

This art workshop series will hopefully inspire you to be the creative person you are meant to be. All who wish to live an authentic, explorative and creative life will find this series liberating and empowering. Both children and adults can join.

Doodle with Dad

As an extension of the "My Father illustrations" project, "Doodle with Dad" is a community-based series of art camps that we organize with fathers and daughters to sensitise the fathers about the rights of their daughters.

More Than Skin Deep

An art-for-change series of illustrated poems inspired by the lives of fifteen fearless women, who are more than just acid-attack survivors.

ArtsPositive is a registered non-profit organization with international outreach.